I've finally had enough...

After years of non-payment and a refusal to communicate, I have no other option but to remove the AAM website...

Anglo-African Minerals plc ("AAM") is currently being controlled by Peter Yunghanns through his companies, Mardasa and Tygola.



A good faith attempt to make contact with Peter's helper, Sean O'Brien, was ignored. The contact wasn't a demand for money, it was about updating the website to help Sean and Peter perform their fiduciary duties of providing accurate information to stakeholders.


A second attempt eventually recieved a reply suggesting he needed to check with other stakeholders. As I undrstand it, that would involve a quick call to Peter and then a few minutes on the phone with me.


No communication was recieved and subsequent attempts to make contact have been ignored. These two clearly have no intention of communicating with people who invested in their company - cash or sweat or both - nor do they intend to behave as directors of a company should providing information to people who have a right to know.


The website has been recieving 2,500 visits per month.  Creditors and shareholders are, understandably, hungry for information on the company. Hopefully the removal of the website will help them understand the current situation.


After years of continual non-payment for services and in the absence of any guidance from the company, I feel that I cannot continue to fund their website from my own pocket.  Instead, I will use the space to provide what direct contact information I have for Yunghanns and O'Brien.  These can be found on the contact page.


I have also suspended the AAM e-mails.