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Somalu Licence No. 216



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Société Minière d’Alumine S.A ("Somalu"), a wholly owned subsidiary of AAM, owns an advanced exploration license consisting of two blocks with a total area of 348.57 km2 in the Prefecture of Mamou (Central Region), located some 200 km East-North of Conakry, which hosts an estimated resource of 1 billion tonnes of high grade bauxite (44% Al203 and 2% Si02).


This license has been fully explored between 2006 and 2011 and 14.635 meters of drilling has been carried out. A maiden independent JORC compliant mineral resource estimate was issued in 2015 with inferred 459.0 million metric tons of bauxite and average grades of 42.6% alumina and 1.9% silica.


An Environmental and Social Impact Notice (N.I.E.S) has been completed by the Guinean Office of Engineering Studies and Environment. (B.E.G.I.E) and awarded in 2016. The Environmental Authorisation was renewed on June 15, 2017 for one year to June 14, 2018. 

Another drilling campaign was undertaken in April and May 2017 consisting of drilling 494 holes (4,063 m) to upgrade the existing resource to a higher confidence Measured Mineral Resource category on Tiangui and Moullo plateaux.


The first two years renewal of the license was granted on 20th September 2017.


The Somalu license is currently being considered for development into a vertically integrated bauxite mining and alumina refinery project in combination with a bauxite export project, with alumina production outputs of 0.6 million metric tons per annum and 1.8 million metric tons per annum being considered, with accompanying 3.2 million metric tons per annum and 4.5 million metric tons per annum bauxite export tonnages respectively (5.0 million metric tons per annum and 10.0 million metric tons per annum total bauxite mined respectively).

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