The Regulatory position is a constant source of concern, given that our primary activity takes place some three thousand miles from London and Dublin, where most of our admin function is housed.


There are obvious dangers in the mining process and we maintain very strict standards, supported and guided by current legislation, to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for our people. The expertise of our people in Guinea, and the Board Director with direct responsibility for activities in Guinea, Michel Pothier, is our constant safeguard against falling standards which could cause potential infringements of the various pieces of legislation pertaining to the industry. But, as responsible employers, and conscious of our responsibilities not just to our shareholders but also to Africa, we are constantly mindful of regulatory requirements and take such considerations extremely seriously.


Anglo African Minerals is in the final stages of securing sufficient investment funding to underpin all of its activities in Guinea. The Directors have worked with the investment partners to ensure that the Company's future is secure which has enabled us to embark on an aggressive programme of expansion in the country which will drive us forward to production by [2020].


The Company will provide regular updates with regard to investor news.

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